At the heart of Jamaica, Jamaican Art!

Well massaS and missuS, mih well hope oonu have had visits to the heart of Jamaica. i memba did day dih Professa Rex Nettleford tell mih seh I muss look at the way a country treat dem artists to noa where day country is going. Mih find out even more so now seh a true dih man did a talk.

Most times, even when dih artist dem abstract and seem so abnormal.. if you check it out, dem really a express what dem sih inna society.
Jamaican artist and artiste, weddah dem a singa, painta, actor or a form fool inna studio dem truley nuh diffrent being dih moutpiece o society. Pay attention an yuh will well sih how dem a tell yuh watta gwaan inna society.
speaking of which wan very pertinent show start up at the Mutual gallery.
Super Plus Under Forty Competition. yes mi chilus, a real sinting painter, photographer a go get hole heap a money from super Plus if dem can beat out everybaddy else and express good good bout watta gwaan.
Dem put it all unda di good name of The visual Arts and wih love Wayne Chen cause him truley truley lead business community an support dih arts big time.BIGG UPP Wayne Chen.. yuh visits dem all ova dih worl a pay off, sell off. It luk like a ongle yuh learn from dih fuss world country an dash on money pon di arts like dem higher class a country dem deh. Nuh wonda yuh successful an a get bigga. Still readers, trod down to Mutual Gallery from November 1-month end.
The four artists dem weh dem pick fih vie fi de title fih fine arts expression are: Marvin Bartley, photography; Leasho Johnson, painting; Berette Macaulay, photography and Olivia McGilchrist, photography.
Come and vote and watch for more on who wins.
Dem all as the rules stipulate have to be artists under 40, no not age.. by dem wuk.. like jussa buss.

Tek Cyah!


2013 Super Plus Artist of the Year Competition

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I am loving Jamaica and Jamaicans everywhere. I stand committed to exposing the dynamics of the Arts and Culture of Jamaica. If we could just bring the best of the world to Jamaica as much as the world clamours for the best of Jamaica, then we'd have an ideal mecca right here on the island. So travel with me across Jamaica for more hidden culture gems!!