George Graham

Attack from an ID Thief

Someone has stolen Sandra’s identity and is trying to run up bills in her name.

We were tipped off when the Post Office asked her to validate her change-of-address request and she received a Visa card she hadn’t applied for.

Obviously, the ID thief had applied for the credit card then submitted the change-of-address to get the card forwarded to them. I guess they didn’t know the Post Office checks out change-of-address requests.

Of course, I phoned the Post Office right away, and then the number on the credit card. And that’s not as simple as it sounds. I waited for nearly an hour to speak with a post office representative, and almost as long to get hold of the credit card issuer, which turned out to be the Bank of America.

The post office canceled the change-of-address request and the bank canceled the credit card. Both promised to “investigate.”  But who knows what else the ID thief has been up to?

I got in touch with our bank this morning, and a polite machine promised to be on the lookout for any fraudulent activity on our accounts. I also phoned Equifax to put a freeze on Sandra’s credit. And I filed a report online with

Strangely, the credit card was issued to Sandra as owner of 4 Corners This Week, a publication we used to put out. We closed that company a long time ago and I wonder who knows we owned it. I would think the only place they could get that information would be the state’s records.

So what happens now? Any suggestions?

PS: I’ve also opened Lifelock accounts for both of us.

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