Bar patrons beat would-be robbers | Mayor gets by with three secretaries | Hospital patients complain about jerk-pan smoke!

Episode 023Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Three robbers walk into a bar… Well they walked in but had to scamper out, as the patrons didn’t take too kindly to having their drinks disturbed. One of them got a sound beating too! But is it also robbery when a loan agency breaks into someone’s home to recover collateral for monies owed?? You be the judge.

Now what would the podcast be without some political shenanigans? One mayor, three secretaries, a whole heap a bangarang! PNP councillor in Portland complains about the mayor’s “use” of three secretaries, we just try to figure out his motives. What we can’t figure out however, is how on earth a funeral home sent the wrong man’s body to a funeral, or better yet, how that funeral ended with police chasing a ganja smoking man through the church! Then Andrew goes ballistic when he hears people are complaining about jerk chicken/pork smoke. What’s that you say? They’re patients in a hospital?? Well some good ol’ jerk pork might be the best medicine! Only on the lighter side…

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