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BCS talk, Rooney plans his exit strategy and VCB for IAAF athlete of the year

College football is upside down right now. Alabama, the number one team last year lost to South Carolina, who then lost to Kentucky. Ohio State was number one for a whole week before their bubble burst, and Texas, who already lost to Oklahoma and UCLA, beat number five Nebraska. What in the name of the BCS is going on? I think we need a Congressional investigation into this mess.

Meanwhile, speaking of the BS, er, BCS rankings, unbeaten Boise State (L) is ranked #3. I don’t know what factors went into the equation, but clearly its not any logical process or based on results on the field (like a playoff maybe?)
This is what I think is going to happen; Oklahoma is going to lose at least one game, because, well, quite frankly they are not the best team in the country. I say they will get beat by either Missouri or Oklahoma State. The present #2 Oregon has UCLA, USC and Washington in succession, and I do not see them emerging unscathed. Virginia Tech is going to win out their remaining games and also beat 25th ranked Miami. That puts Boise State, who will run the table, square in line for the #1 spot.


What will the BCS geniuses decide then?
Cliff Lee (R) is showing once again, as Curt Schilling, Jack Morris and Mike Scott did before him, that a dominating pitcher can turn a short series on its head. He’s going to look real good in pinstripes next year…
Wayne Rooney wants out of Old Trafford. I discussed this issue previously here, and I’ll reiterate in brief: Sir Alex Ferguson is old-school and has been for over two decades the biggest star in Manchester. His way of operating (trading your big name, egotistical star and reload with youth) has worked in the past, but it cannot continue, because circumstances have changed. They are not the biggest draw in the world any longer, they are not the biggest in England and they are not even the biggest in Manchester. Until Sir Alex changes his approach (unlikely) Manchester United will be on the slippery slope to mediocrity.
With Rooney (R) the latest superstar to be in SAF’S doghouse, the turmoil will cement the fact that it will be a two horse race for the PL title between Chelsea and Manchester City.
Veronica Campbell-Brown (below,) one of my favorite sprinters, is on the short list for the IAAF athlete of the year. She gets my vote, and hopefully she will get yours. You can vote here.
As a former student at Pace University, I was extremely saddened by the death of Danroy “D.J.” Henry. Condolences to his family.
One of my favorite artistes is Spragga Benz. Shotta Culture is a good look. Great song, great video. Big tings a gwan inna 2010, Spragga!

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