Baby oh Baby Jamaica

Being 4 months pregnant

After 3 months of being sick all day everyday despite other issue there is a sigh of relief and I am saying thank you Jesus. It was horrible I would not wish it on my worse enemy. It was hard being sick and also dealing with atwo-year old toddler.  Having your children close together is by no means an easy cake walk so far. My sister and I were 6 years apart and it was hell having an annoying little sister. So even though I wasnt ready I was happy that my children will be this close in age.

So far so good though. Having lost a baby before at birth afer a c section, then delivering my son successfully through another c section you cant help but being nervous about doing another surgery but I have been here before and I hope for the best and try to do everything to stay healthy.

As I am writing this I have my son beside me whining for more attention. But I just do the best you can, there is nothing else I can do.

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