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Ben Carson’s Fantasy


An intruder stands in the doorway waving an automatic weapon. Students are at their desks and a teacher is at trhe front of the class. What happens next?

In Ben Carson’s opinion, the teacher and students should rise up and “overwhelm” the intruder.

I wonder whether the Republican presidential candidate has ever looked down the barrel of a loaded gun.

He doesn’t seem to know how helpless it can make you feel.

I do. Many years ago, back in Jamaica, I was driving home from work at the Daily News and stopped for a red light at Half Way Tree. A gunman opened the car door and climbed in beside me.

Did I try to “overwhelm” him? No. I did exactly as he told me to do – drove into a deserted parking lot, got out of the car, and gave him what money I had. Then I watched as he drove away in my car.

I walked to the nearby police station and made my report. The carjacker turned out to be an escaped convict on a deadly rampage. He had killed 14 people so far.

I learned later that by the time he got to me he had only two bulllets left. Supposedly, my life was spared because he did not want to use one of his buillets on me and have only one left to fend off any police attracted by the gunshot.

Anyway, Dr. Carson, I am alive today, and the carjacker is long dead. Police caught up with him in his home town of Vere and gunned him down in the street.

By the way, Dr. Carson, you might want to check your facts before giving advice in the future.

Someone did rush the Oregon shooter. His name is Chris Mintz (photo abpve) and he is in a nearby hospital, recovering from seven gunshot wounds. Both of his legs were broken by bullets. He is lucky to be alive.

Mintz is a 30-year-old martial arts pro, a bodybuilder and a veteran.

But the shooter was also Army trained. He obviously knew how to deal with an attacker. I don’t think those students would’ve had any chance of “overwhelming” him.

No, Dr. Carson the shooter’s victims were not a pack of cowards. Just ordinary folks like you and me, expecting to tlive their lives in a society that does not expose them to a random attack by a crazed gunman.

And you, sir, are a childish clod living in some kind of comic-book world. Grow up!

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