George Graham

Betrayed by Minions


When we the people elect minions to represent us, we get betrayed. It’s as simple as that. Devin Nunes for instance. Some misguided voters in California sent him to Congress. I guess they didn’t know he would turn out to be a Trump minion.

The survival of our Republic depends on the independence of the three branches of government. If that is eroded, the system will collapse.

The Supreme Court has become a tool of politics and is likely to become even less independent as justices retire or die and are replaced with biased hacks.

Congress is even more compromised.

You know who Nunes is of course. He will go down in history as the minion who concocted that infamous memo smearing FBI agents and the deputy attorney general in a transparent ploy to protect Trump.

It wasn’t his first act of subservience to the president. You may recall the embarrassing charade in which he pretended to inform the White House of some fictional  Obama transgression. It turned out it was the White House who gave Nunes the bogus information in the first place.

This kind of servile skullduggery is becoming commonplace among Republicans in Congress. Instead of being faithful to the Constitution, as they have sworn to be, they are doing the will of a corrupt president.

And that presents a real and present danger.

Their craven conspiracy may succeed in blocking Mueller’s exposure of Trump’s myriad misdeeds, leaving him in even more tyrannical control of the government

And America as the democratic republic conceived by the Founding Fathers will no longer exist.

The Nunes memo

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