George Graham

“Big, Bad John” Delays Hillary’s Confirmation

I suppose it’s not surprising that Sen. John Cornyn of Texas is the lone party pooper delaying the confirmation of Sen. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. All you really need to know is that Cornyn supported segregationist George Wallace for President. But there’s more. Reportedly a draft dodger, this pathetic caricature of a Texan presents himself as some tough hombre that you better not mess with. If you need a laugh, check out this silly campaign commercial, “Big Bad John”:


I don’t know how big he is but I guess you could call him “bad” – if by “bad” you mean ethically challenged. Last year, he took $10,000 from Exelon, an energy company seeking approval to build a nuclear power plant in his state. He has received more money from the oil and gas industry than all but six other members of Congress. And, although he was ranked the fourth most conservative senator in 2006 by the National Journal, he didn’t hesitate to abandon “free-market” principles and vote against limiting government subsidies to his farmer friends.

Despite his own record, Cornyn has the nerve to question Hillary’s probity. His stated objection to her confirmation is the worldwide contributions that her husband’s charitable foundation attracts. That’s real slick, Big Bad John – as in oil slick.

Of course, this “big, bad” bumpkin knows Hillary will be confirmed, anyway. But he just can’t resist trying to grab some publicity.

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