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Bill Cosby is an an old hand at the carnival, say 64 years

Bill Cosby is the go-to celebrity at the Penn Relays – perhaps to the carnival what Jack Nicholson is to the Lakers or Spike Lee is to his Knicks.

Each year, Cosby can be found on the Franklin Field infield, and 2011 was no exception. Wearing a gray Penn track suit and a canary yellow Penn Relays official’s hat, Cosby posed for pictures, shook hands, and congratulated athletes Friday and Saturday.

Cosby, 73, has been coming to the Relays since he was a boy growing up in Philadelphia – for probably 64 years, he said – and says he competed here during his days at Central High School. Saturday, he shot the starter’s pistol for the Philadelphia Public League boys 4×400-meter relay. Friday, he was the starter for the grade-school relay teams that ran on the infield. Read more >>

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