Black America comments…Jamaican Prejudice

In a family recent discussion on Obama’s and Cosby’s comments to the Black American community about responsibility and fatherhood I was shocked by the response of a relative.  This relative mentioned that the majority of Black Americans did not want to hear what these men had to say and want to go on living “recklessly”. This relative added that we as “Jamaicans” should know this is how Black Americans are.  I was speechless. The majority of black American I know applaud the comments by these men. This mind set is one I experience many years ago amongst Jamaicans. We want to participate in “black American culture” but we still stereotype black Americans. I was recently in Jamaica. Many of the young males were sagging, the hairstyles were what you would see worn by black American and rap music was blasting out of cars. Back to the relative…I did not want to argue with them as they were from  a generation you don’t argue with. They will not listen to reason. They funny thing is the generation their children are having will be “black American”.

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