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Bleach your skin…it’s yours

WHAT THE HELL! Which of your sin is better?

Whitening your skin because you hate your black skin!

Putting Perm in your hair because you hate kinky hair !

Coloring your hair blond, brown, or red because you just can’t stand your hair natural color

Getting implants because how could God possible make you with small breasts!

Using Botox because you hate  the natural aging process!

Getting butt implants or chicken pills to give you a big Ass!

Getting stomach by pass surgery or stomach band because you just can’t control your food intake!

Getting your nose Straightened because it’s too wide and flat!

Let me guess, there are so much more sins not covered!

Well aren’t you happy that God gave us choices, I am.

I have great advice for you. Do not judge anyone, just love everyone.



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Simone Robinson is a licensed Aesthetician, Cosmetologist and a Temple U alumni. She owns Beauty Coliseum located in Philadelphia. She likes freelance writing, art, beauty, travel, and she's into making the world a better place. She's a vegan, and of course one of her biggest challenge is going fully green. "Its very hard she says...just imagine trying to change your detergent, soap powda, and everyting else to 'all natural' , including di deodorant and di makeup" Feel free to visit beautycoliseum.com for a variety of hair and skin products, fashion items, African and Jamaican Dvds, and a lot more.
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