A Farewell to Alarms?


Could this really be goodbye for Alex Jones? The conspiracy theorist has just been banned by Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

And my response is:

What took you guys so long?

Alex Jones is a bad joke. A dangerous bad joke. He is the kind of hazard  Oliver Wendell Holmes obviously meant when he said our First Amendment rights don’t cover falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater.

The operative word here is “falsely.”

Sadly, a lot of people can’t recognize a lie even when it’s so outlandish it couldn’t possibly be true.

Jones once argued, for example, that Michelle Obama is a man because of her broad shoulders. He warned that an alien force had invaded Earth. And he claimed “chemical warfare” is making people become homosexual.

Yet there are folks who believe him. Really.

Nothing is too sacred for him to smear. He even called the Sandy Hook school shooting a hoax.

Jones’ ex-wife, Kelly, says his show isn’t an act. He’s even worse at home, she said. She describes him as “a really unhappy, disturbed person.”

Naturally,Jones is a Trump favorite. You know what they say about birds of a feather.

In the Age of Trump, the Infowars host has risen to national prominence.

Recently, for example, Jones said Trump had chosen him to blow the whistle on special counsel Mueller’s cover-up of a vast Nine-Eleven conspiracy involving the Saudis, the Bushes and the Clintons.

But his blatant disregard for reality has finally captured the attention of social media platforms. They’re saying they’ve had enough.

As you might expect, Jones’ allies in the right-wing echo chamber are rallying to his defense. But I suspect they’re voices crying in the wilderness.

They, too, might soon be shunned by reputable media outlets.

I think the public might finally be catching on. The end of the conspiracy-theory industry could be at hand.

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13 thoughts on “A Farewell to Alarms?

  1. “… a significant reason why Trump won the election in the first place: the establishment seems to have profoundly deficient propaganda control.”


    which is something they are working to correct in advance of the mid-term elections. Another word for this is “election meddling.”

    Indeed, Alex Jones has long been a major factor of the alternative media, and is a significant contributor to Trump’s election victory. But he’s also a test case to establish precidence for censoring (perhaps) smaller, or less controversial voices that nevertheless contradict the official story.

  2. “Exactly as I have been warning in my ‘First they came for the Nazis and pedophiles’ article last year, those who hate freedom in all its forms always begin by censoring what I call a “consensus villain“: Nazis, racist nutcases, White/European supremacists, pedophiles, etc. This way, if you speak up, you are immediately guilty by association.”

    “… crack down on ‘consensus villains’ they are developing a tool which they can then turn against anybody they want.”


    Probably many of my fellow readers rejoice in the persecution of anyone who might have helped Trump; but that’s like mice rejoicing at a mousetrap, not understanding its mechanism and purpose.

  3. Logic Fish,You keep posting Propaganda Links as real news, where is the Logic. I thought you were a smart thinker, surely if Facebook was slapped with fines by Europe and England for allowing Fake stories to be published by their site the only thing for Facebook reputation is to stop these individuals.Have you ever done the research on where you get your information. Mike Adams the founder of NaturalNews is all Fake. Facebook has to stop such sites to be used on their platform. LogicFish do your homework.

    One Love, Eddie

  4. “Logic Fish,You keep posting Propaganda Links as real news, where is the Logic.”

    The logic is that I don’t necessarily agree with all of the beliefs of a particular source, but rather offer the information as an example of “what’s going on.” Moreoever, learning from other human beings is often an exercise in salvage because human being don’t tend to be right about everything nor have the complete story of anything. Even flawed human beings have their story and have value to offer sometimes.

    In any case, I offered the PDF from Natural News as a relevant document of the current topic. According to some sources, it was written for the express purpose of resisting Internet censorship and for influencing US law makers and Trump himself. According to the sources, especial effor was made to deliver it straight into his hands, in fact.

    As for contraversies surrounding Natural News, much of it is just that: “controversy”. For example, do you yourself really trust GMO ?

    But I don’t want to get into defending every point of the Natural News belief system. It was only offered as a background into current events.

  5. P.P.S., even without defending the Natural News belief system, if it contains much controversial content, then such content might be seen as “unapproved”. Do you think that only approved content should be permitted in the media ?

  6. A short anecdote: last night I ran into someone who seems to an observant Greek Orthodox Christian. Then the subject of Alex Jones’ banishment came up and she said, “I know Alex Jones. It’s because he speaks the truth.”

    That subject has been making local news also. I’ve heard people ask, “who’s Alex Jones”.

    Banishing Alex Jones runs the following risks: 1) Alienating people who believe him 2) Publicizing Alex Jones so he gains more followers. 3) I’ve also been reading and hearing the sentiment that Trump should attack Facebook et al with anti-trust.

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