When Facebook Gets Ugly

I rarely open Facebook. At best, it’s boring and banal. At worst it’s ugly and dangerous.

I don’t have a Twitter account. I’m too old to tweet. I’ll leave that to the birds – and bird brains like Donald Trump.

It’s not that I don’t want to keep up with friends and family. But I have an email account. And a telephone.

I really don’t need to be told I looked handsome a half-century ago. We all looked great back then. And the older we get the better we used to look.

I know I don’t look handsome now, so there’s no point in being reassured to the contrary.

Of course, that’s all harmless and I know my friends and relatives mean well. So that’s not the reason I shun Facebook and all the other “social media” platforms.

It’s the politics.

So much offensive trash gets circulated. And there’s no point in responding to it.

You could be arguing with a Russian troll or “bot.” And you could lose a friend. Or hurt a loved one’s feelings.

You could even get shot, like that guy in Florida, a few miles from my home. No kidding.

Apparently two local men in their forties got to arguing on Facebook over Trump and felons’ voting rights. Here’s what happened next, according to Tampa police:

Forty-four-year-old Brian Sebring “just snapped and let primal rage take over” when he left work early on Monday, so he went home to get his gun and headed to the home of 46-year-old Alex Stephens.

He parked outside Stephens’ house and honked the horn. Stephens came out carrying what Sebring said looked like a knife. So Sebring fired.

Stephens was treated at a local hospital and Sebring is facing criminal charges. And that’s not all.

Sebring is under attack by media trolls.

“I ruined my life over this,” he said. “Now my mother is too afraid to leave the house, my sons are afraid to walk to school or church, all because of some keyboard gangsters.”

Read the story.

4 thoughts on “When Facebook Gets Ugly

  1. Yes George, Face Book can be tricky. I have a “Face Book friend who is a “Trumper” and I would unfriend him in a New York minute but he has other redeeming qualities, so we insult and tolerate each other politically but remain “friends”. I am leaving for Nova Scotia on the 16th of August for two weeks, so I will miss reading your interesting blogs until I get back home, which will be about the 2nd of Sept. Vera, Faye’s sister will be turning 96 in Aug. and still lives alone in a Senior’s apt. Faye send’s love to her “little sister”. Take care and God Bless, Love, Bill & Faye.

  2. I would not be able to keep up with what my cousins are doing except for FB. Hard to explain this to my husband who doesn’t like FB and doesn’t care what his cousins are doing!
    BTW- I have this cousin named George and when I see photos of him today he is still a very handsome man. I hear he would argue this!! Luv Luv Luv

  3. Have a safe, enjoyable trip, Bill & Faye.
    You and I see each other through rose-colored glasses, my precious little cousin Liz.

  4. This is why it should be more difficult to get a gun. The impulse to harm when you are angry is too strong. I just block people who are offensive or I block the creators of the offensive contents and I have been much happier. I know I should look at what other people think to be prepared, but I don’t want to see racist rants or lies.

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