When Kids Take Action


The mighty NRA could be going under. And a group of kids, barely old enough to vote, could be responsible.

In a lawsuit filed against New York governor Andrew Cuomo, the gun rights lobby claims it’s going broke because a state agency made insurers cut ties with the association.

Without insurance coverage, the NRA said, it cannot operate successfully

An ongoing crusade by the Parkland school shooting victims apparently prompted the state’s move.

The NRA’s pet politicians are also in danger.

Those formidable kids are proving how powerful persistent public pressure can be. And they haven’t even been to the polls yet.

The Parkland shooting victims’ crusade could have a big impact on the November midterms. They might even flip Florida!

Meanwhile, it seems the gun makers who pour millions into the NRA aren’t as flush as they used to be. Remington, for example, recently filed for bankruptcy.

And even though the NRA reportedly raised a record $2.4 million after the Parkland massacre, recent intimations of official skullduggery might change donors’ minds.

The public is learning how corrupt – possibly treasonous – some NRA bigwigs might be. Tales of Russian rubles and bedtime-for-Butina spy scandals (photo) are leaving the once-invincible organization in disarray.

Could this really be good riddance to bad rubbish? I, for one, certainly hope so.

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11 thoughts on “When Kids Take Action

  1. Wonderful news! Now all I need to make my day, is to have Trump impeached. Wouldn’t that be nice? Billy G.

  2. Trump Jr. who took his own action, Lawyers say Trump may have just implicated his own son in a series of crimes.
    Trump said it was “totally legal” — but experts disagree.This could give rise to an instance of an alleged conspiracy for aiding and abetting a crime for a violation of federal election law.Yes Billy, I already have my glasses ready for the celebration when the entire family goes to jail.
    Lock them Up……….
    Big Up to the young kids in Florida, I sure hope they succeed against the NRA.
    Shut Them Down…………..
    One Love, Eddie

  3. Logic Fish you are suffering from Paranoia. Communist not running any Terror Campaign, you might want to take a closer look at your Greedy Republicans that have been running the Terror Campaign against its own citizens.This greed of theirs is what will Kill this country until you decide to remove them all from office.
    One Love, Eddie

  4. “… not running any Terror Campaign…”


    One of the other readers suggested that I might return to Jamaica to help it. Why not attempt the same if you bad ?

    Some older people seem to treat such politics as an amusement, perhaps thinking that they won’t be on earth to enjoy the consequences. But for others, there will be successively fewer places of refuge. What of places like Canada ? Assuming Canada would still accept refugees that couldn’t preserve their own countries, Canada could fall too.

    Does the Jamaican experience enable people to recognise what ruins a country, and when a country is being ruined, or does it take more lessons, until one finds himiself in a forced labor camp, or worse ?

    While the Jamaican diaspora wasn’t to the level of the Rwandan genocide, many Jamaican expatriots left dead friends and family. And it’s said that black on black violence is usually worse, so do the math.

    Before that, many Jamaicans laughed and said, “it can’t happen here”.

    It reminds me of a quote: “Life is a comedy for those who think, but a tragedy for those who feel.”

  5. P.P.S.,

    Does that at all sound fantasical?

    Sometimes I imagine what it might have been like in, say, 1928, at a party, in Czechoslavakia, trying to expain the future of the next 15 years: that the Great Depression would drive the world into economic and cultural psyschosis, and then all the genocide.

    Such a person would have been shunned for having entertained such sick fantasies and then for having the appallingly poor taste to share them.

    “It can’t happen here”…. indeed.

  6. Hey, Dad – I think it’s possible that LogicFish is a Russian Troll. Do you know anything regarding his provenance?

  7. “LogicFish is a Russian Troll.”

    I liked “Russian bot” better. But seriously, how might one explain such a conclusion? Is it mind control, or a combination of abject unimaginativenes and cynicism ?

    “Indeed, the resulting full spectrum psychological warfare, in my opinion, deserves its own special word. Just simply ‘contemporary propaganda’ or ‘pyschological warfare’ doesn’t seem to do it justice.”


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