Bob Marley Class at NYU in 2013 – Here is a course description of the 2-credit course

NYU will have a three-week course on the legacy of reggae legend Bob Marley at New York University in 2013. It is worth 2-credits. Below is the description of the course –

Topics: Bob Marley and Postcolonial Music

REMU-UT.1119 History & Criticism 2 Credits
Instructor(s): Staff
Often described as “a prophet,” the pioneer Bob Marley transcended the genre he helped develop, Jamaican reggae, to become a musical and revolutionary leader of the 20th Century. On the way, the bi-racial Marley smashed restrictions of race and class imposed on his generation by the colonial system. How did Marley, an effectively fatherless child from a tiny village, achieve his rise to global authority and influence, musically, socio-politically, spiritually, personally and in terms of the industry?

Vivien Goldman was Bob Marley’s trusted chronicler and has written two books about him. We will examine the history of Jamaica, its culture and connection with Britain; Marley’s evolution as a writer and musician; his creative partnerships with artists like The Wailers and dubmaster Lee Perry; his lifelong battle to control the business of his music; and his commitment to pan-Africanism and Rasta as a way of life. There will be Special Guests and Screenings. Experience this rare opportunity to learn about Bob Marley from someone who first worked with him at his record company, Island, then wrote about him at home, on the road and in the studio.

Source: Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

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