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Bolt’s Accident…all of us would get macka inna we foot like Bolt

All drivers know that it is important to take care in rough weather conditions – heavy rain reduces most of us to a snail crawl…. mind you in Ja. — not all, but light rain/drizzle for the more experienced drivers know that that is actually potentially  worse than heavy rain is.  Visibility is usually good for the most part but that film of water and God Forbid add an oil slick and that a recipe for an accident…. or even a pool of water to cause hydroplaning.

So maybe now that one of our #1 citizens, Bolt has an acident on our Doomsday Highway – Road Safety will become a top priority.

To launch the Road Safety program I suggest Branson fly in Lewis — now if it were to be held at Dover… all of us would get macka inna we foot like Bolt because I hear getting to Dover these days is quite a feat wid de boad roads up de…. now it could be at our multi-prpose stadium but it is probably not set up either for cars as it’s not set up for tprofession T&F……. so I guess it’s back on the Doomsday Highway.

Now if Puma was the sponsor it would be a nobrainer….but I don’t think you can get Lewis in a Ferrari with his Benz Mclaren contract…

And of course, the icing on that cake would be Buju starting of the race of safety…. by singing – Drivers, Stop at the Stop signs.

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