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Bottle Feeding

I had all intentions of breast-feeding. I bought my breast pump, storage bottles and researched the best things to eat while breast-feeding. I had decided to breast feed long this time than with my first son. His breast-feeding was interrupted in the third month because of a dental emergency. After 10 days he wouldn’t take the breast again.

This time around however because of all the medical complications it just wasn’t happening despite my efforts. So formula it is.  But I can tell you with a newborn if you are not a confident as a mother you would go crazy as everyone as some piece of advice or criticism. With bottle feeding you can see the look of horror and judgement on other mothers faces when they see you pull out a bottle. They have no idea as to your circumstances but they immediately judge that you are a bad mother or trying to be fashionable etc by bottle feeding. It’s not nice at all. You get it at the doctor’s office and wherever you go.

Bottle feeding and finding the right formula for your baby is trial and error. Yes you may have to throw away or if you are lucky like me with three friends with new babies give away formulas that don’t work. Its an expensive process. Dr’s recommend anything Enfamil and for me the first time it did not work and my son went on Lasco Soy and because its not a brand name people look down on it. But my son is healthy and doing well. So this time around after starting with the Enfamil as my son was premature etc. I went with what was recommended. After weeks of griping and hours of dealing with a screaming baby each night and stomach issues seven weeks in I am now on Lasco Soy. Stomach issues and griping gone.

Well the Lasco Soy isn’t as cheap as it was when I had my son but its cheaper than the Enfamil and it has now allowed my son to sleep longer and me in turn.

Also ours grandmother used to boil the bottles in a pot and they think its absurd this thing call a sterilizer. Let me tell you its the best thing since slice bread. I used it with my son before and  nothing happened to him and will continue this time around. Older person will think you are lazy and that the bottles aren’t being cleaned enough. Trust me as long as you follow the instructions for your sterilizer it is. I use Avent everything, as I trust Avent as I used it before.

All in all trust your instincts, do your research and do what suits you best.

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