Boycott Jamaica campaign…Red Stripe Logo being used


Truth Wins Out, a gay rights group from California, has launched a campaign asking people in the USA to boycott Jamaica and Jamaican products. They are even using logo similar to Red Stripe beer. Not that I agree with the boycott but I think that the use of the Red Stripe logo is smart. It is recognizable and is a popular beer. The question is will Red Stripe sue them for using the logo. Let’s say they do. Will be it be a trap to sue?  Will Red Stripe be dragged down in the media with investigations of concerts they sponsored with reggae artists deemed as “homophobic”? Will the employment practices of Red Stripe be questioned as discriminatory because there may be no gay employees? Maybe I am “over the top”  but companies today have to be very careful the tables are turned on them even when they are right.

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