Breaking News! Chinese mothers are superior!

If you haven’t heard all the hoopla, (I didn’t, as I’m a little out of touch with what’s happening in the US), there was a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” that’s causing quite a stir. You can check it out here: CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE.

Guess what? The article’s author, Amy Chua, mentions JAMAICANS very early in the piece….(aren’t you MORE curious now?)

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  • Maybe our pres. extends his olive branch too far sometimes. I do not like that provision, seems like it could be difficult for some people to comply with it, on the other hand they shouldn’t then expect a free ride if something bad happens to them.

  • People complain about everything.
    if they don’t want insurance, then they pay a “fine”, which is hardly anything. If they have no income or are at poverty level, they get insurance because the government will subsidize it. It is only people who want to take the risk of not having coverage when they make more then a certain percentage, I think 400% over the poverty line who will have to pay. And the tiny little fine, not even a $1000 is hardly anything compared to the cost of insurance. It is sure a lot less then the insurance we buy already from our employers.

  • Another bonus is that children under 26 are now eligible for insurance on their parents plans even if they are not in school. Yipee!