Bringing back Ole Time Jamaica for success of the country

The following is an article that was submitted for my website.. but I find it real valuable insight for my readers here. Karl Vernon is a former employee of the Gleaner with remarkable skills in writing if nothing else. He is very passionate and one of the few persons who remains blunt. A graduate of the University of the West Indies with over 5 years experience as a writer(as deportee), subeditor he has been a major contributor analysing the culture of Jamaicans. This article is both fun and very useful, so read on…

RIGOR MORTIS OF AN ISLAND IN THE DARK (We need ‘Ole Time Jamaica’ for success) by Karl Vernon

What ails this 10,990 square kilometers of an island rock cemented into the beautiful azure Caribbean Sea? The cancer of violence, poverty, indiscipline has mestastized 100 fold. The howls of the wolves mingled with the bleating of the innocent sheep have created a gigantic orgy on this the dark side of the moon.

Romantics dance in the glory of their memories chatting about ‘ole time’ Jamaica! But was ‘ole time’ Jamaica al that good? I am gonna rip asunder the gross misconceptions!

From 1962, Jamaica has been living and enjoying one great big party. The cocoon of self indulgent bacchanal wraps us tightly as we are being suffocating by the party cum mayhem which has sneaked inside of our ego-filled vacuum chocking us to death on the bile which pours from our hypocritical lips and asses. It’s time for a wipe up or for that matter a wipe out. Time for a change, time for a revolution!

The immortal beast of murders stalk us leaving blood stained like the on the Shroud of Turin. Into the hot gates of hell we march, the brave 500 of innocent Jamaicans trying to take a last stand against Xerxes-like forces. We are being embraced by the loving arms of death which kill all and sundry and which has no end in sight or any signal of dissipating.

Alas we crawl, alas we chew on our fingernails of ideas, trying to stanch the flow of life which disappears from there people every day.
Freedom isn’t free at all. It comes with a cost, the cost of blood. Not to take that quotation lightly and to abuse the innocent but it has to STOP now and forever. This is no time for semantic dabbling and squabbling and or Sophist philosophy. It is the time for action. It is not the time for beautiful death or rain of blood in the dark of the morning.

What are the views? If you have any, please share them. The political correct world which we live in will see the emotional aspect intrepidly getting in the way, creating a rolling stone of an obstacle which will crush was like a giant mudslide.

Jamaica has always been a violent place society. It was found, colonized and still is being governed by violence. The blood of wrath runs through us all and wakes the ghosts of the Grim Reaper. As a society which was built on blood, it will not come easily overnight. Lots of mind altering brainwashing will have to be done, some immoral, some dead wrong to get this society back on track. The cycle of violence which engulfs us all makes one wonder how it began and how can we dismantle the wheel of doom

The Police in trying to do their job do sanctioned or non-sanctioned terrorism. It makes one wonder the many reports of shoot outs and men have been killed and guns taken off them while not one cop has been scarred. Is it that the gunmen are such poor shots and the bullets from the AK 47 stops Matrix like before these paramilitary executioners masquerading as police officers? On the flip side, you have the zombie-like gunmen who kill wantonly, mercilessly, who are adored in song and dance as legendary shottas. The hypocrisy of us all is the drug which sparks the madness swirling around and in us.

The lack of foresight, the lack of intelligence (overused word) by the powers that be to locate, medicate and eliminate the abominations which we suffer comes back to haunt us all. The garrisons all need to be torn down. Every single one of them and the inhabitants spread far and wide as the wind blows sand. The indoctrination of a culture of discipline, respect, tolerance for the fellow man needs to be urgently addressed or else as we see, hear and feel it every day, we shall all fall upon the sword of evil which we live by.

A nation of consumers, we are one giant market place consuming all the shit which is produced overseas while we export little or nothing. Bauxite alone cannot save us neither is tourism which as you know is owned by private interests. Jamaica needs to wake up, re train and train its most PRICELESS COMMODITY- its people on how to be in tip top shape for the 21st century or else we will be left wandering by the drying up stream of a stagnant economy which will leave us parched and dying of thirst.

Imagine, Jamaica’s earning from foreign remittances is 20 percent, about equal what is made from the combined effort of bauxite and tourism. We are in dire straight ladies and gentlemen. The percentage of arable land is not great. 16 per cent of arable land is in use
Yet about 17% of our workforce is employed in agriculture. A whopped 65% is in the service industry. Don’t ask about the heavy industry as it is VERY minimal. Our debt is 134 % of GDP which is some 14 billion. We are on shaky ground!

The good if you see any is propped up, a stiff breeze of adversity. How long will Jamaicans stand aside in the face of outrageous, criminal behavior and reason it away as someone else’s problem? Do not talk to me of gunmen and corruption. Do not speak to me about Jamaica’s and God’s love for this country.

Do not attempt to lie and justify to me these despicable crimes; this casual murder of women and children, this forced starvation, this denial of medical treatment, this destruction of a people …all while engineering the events that justify the bloody reactions. I see. You see we all are to o blame for the indiscipline which bleeds us dry. The blood cannot stop running, the sutures will not hold. We are in a barrel to the bottom of the river. Only the few brave will voice and echo the brave saying No RETREAT, NO SURRENDER.

But as things are a going, I have seen that we have already surrendered. I have never lived my life with regret until now. I am seeing the crystal ball better than a Ms Cleo. I am seeing reality and if we do not wake up from our beaver like slumber we are as we are doing WILL DIE IN HELL
You cannot make me blind to what I see. I see. I hear. I feel.
Every evil thing they do brings them a few feet closer. I have nothing more to say.

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