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“Bush’s Brain” Might Unwittingly Rescue America

Who would’ve thought that Karl Rove (above, left) would ride to the rescue of America? The man they call Bush’s Brain is the most unlikely knight in shining armor that anyone could imagine. His motives are never wholesome and his tactics are often loathsome. But out of evil can come good, as an old saying reminds us.

Karl Rove has declared war on the Tea Party, and he plans to spend millions on the campaign. Thanks to the Supreme Court, nobody will know where Rove gets his millions. He has access to deep pools of “dark money.”

The payoff – and you can bet there will be one – would go to the global corporations that fund the Republican Party. Rove has no interest in doing what’s best for America. But he may end up doing the country a huge favor.

Rove’s star is not in its ascendancy at the moment. He spent $400 million on the November elections and scored almost no victories. To critics like Donald Trump, that makes him “a total loser.”

But his critics forget that it was Rove who packaged a failed Texas oil man as “a compassionate conservative,” coaching him to pander convincingly to the religious right, women, Latinos and Big Business. It was Rove who sold George W. Bush to America.

I pick Rove to win his crusade against the Tea Party. He has no scruples, and the Tea Party has no sense.

It’s the Tea Party who are total losers. Like those Islamic suicide bombers, they would ride into the Valley of Death to defend their “principles.” That kind of strategy is obviously self defeating.

The rest of us should cheer from the sidelines as Rove takes them on. No politicians have been as damaging to America as the Tea Party’s anti-intellectual, myth-driven “conservatives” who are holding Congress to ransom. They are impervious to reason and have no concept of the “greater good.” They cannot see  beyond  the next election in their districts. And they come from parts of the country where superstition and bigotry rule.

Apparently, most of their constituents are driven by rage and revenge. In their blind despair, they are willing to plunge the nation into bankruptcy, knowing they will share in the misery that’s certain to ensue. They are vindictive, racist, sexist, superstitious and stupid.

Fortunately, most American voters are on to them. The Tea Party took a beating in the November elections. But they already had done too much harm in 2010. Their legacy lives on in Republican dominated legislatures across the land. Extremist anti-abortion and anti-democracy legislation, union busting and senseless penny pinching are just some of the poison fruit from those disastrous 2010 elections.

It was money from people like Karl Rove that fueled the early Tea Party movement. Now, the Tea Party insurgence no longer serves the purposes of Big Business, and those deep pockets are going to be used  to defeat it.

Of course, a Republican Party dominated by Rove and his ilk would not be anything to look forward to. Rove is a master of “dirty tricks,” and a soulless servant of an unprincipled global elite. But these people are not idiots. They are unlikely to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

Corporations prosper when countries are efficiently governed. What’s good for America is usually good for Big Business.

The trick is to keep Big Business from taking it all. And that’s where the Democrats come in.

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