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Digicel is proud to welcome Imij & Co. to Bacchanal…

The main attraction at Bacchanal 2009 this week will be the long awaited performance of Trinidadian soca band Imij and Co. Imij and Co. has been rocking the Caribbean and world stage for several years now and has also graced the shores of Jamaica on numerous occasion. The group is now a favourite among hard core soca fans and new converts as well.

Bacchanal 2009 has been a tremendous success with large crowds converging at the Mas Camp in New Kingston. Over the past few weeks Bacchanal 2009 in association with Digicel has brought quality entertainment to Kingston including the tremendous performance of Alison Hinds on March 6. Patrons at Bacchanal 2009 can expect a safe, clean environment with a different theme every Friday night. Bacchanal has definitely ‘Gone Hollywood’.

Digicel is proud to welcome Imij & Co. to the Bacchanal Stage. Digicel has been a part of Bacchanal for six years and sees its relationship as a fulfilment of its desire to contribute significantly to the Jamaican cultural and entertainment scene.

Over the past five weeks Digicel has offered patrons a chance to sample the concept of the Moulin Rouge at Bacchanal. Digicel has created what can be described as a magnificent replica of the French Red Windmill Cabaret Building. The building is similar not only in architecture but also in decor, from the French interlaced silk drapes embroidered with gold trimmings to Parisian lamps at the entrance. To continue the theme Digicel has also brought to the Mas Camp; Mimes, Moulin Rouge Dancing Girls and Caricature Artists.

Imij and Co. is one of the top Soca bands to come out of Trinidad and Tobago and based on their past performances fans will not be disappointed.

About Imij and Co.

Every so often a band comes along, adding variety to the already colourful musical genre landscape of Soca Music. Some merely melt into the existing mural, while a few supply it with fresh peaks. Imij & Co. fits snugly into the latter category. Since it’s inception in March 2001, the band has played the Gamut of top-drawer shows in the Caribbean, Canada, Europe and the USA.

In the band’s years of existence, Imij & Co. has performed with international acts such as Enrique Iglesias, Usher, Glen Washington, Junior Kelly, Barrington Levy, C&C Music Factory, Rupee & Dot Com, Ray of Light, UB40 and Nina Sky; testimony to Imij & Co.’s versatility. They also won the “Best Playing Band Award” at the Miami Carnival and performed at the prestigious Billboard Live Club in South Beach Miami.

In 2004 the band made history as the image of Imij & Co. appeared on the Coca-Cola label. It was the first time a band from the Caribbean was featured on the Coca-Cola label.

The band consists of manager George Ng Wai, vocalists Michelle Xavier, Hilton Dalzell Jr. and Russell Cadogan, band leader and guitarist Joey Ng Wai, bassist Stephan Brijlal and drummer Roger Campbell.


Digicel is again the headline sponsor for Bacchanal 2009. This will be the sixth consecutive year that Digicel is partnering with what has become one of the most popular celebrations of the year.

This year’s theme for Digicel’s activities is Moulin Rouge, which dovetails into the wider Bacchanal theme of Gone Hollywood, and in bigger, better style, patrons are guaranteed to feel the pulsating energy of Bacchanal 2009.

Since its introduction to the market, Digicel has identified with several music forms in Jamaica at various events ranging from Sumfest to Genesis to Rising Stars and Carnival.

With over nine weeks of exciting events, soca fans will experience the carnival flavour at weekly Friday night Mas Camp fetes where Digicel customers will have a chance to win a high-end phone and take advantage of special phone deals. Digicel will also be running a text promotion during the carnival season where two lucky patrons can win two Moulin Rouge costumes and the opportunity to jump with the Digicel band, and then get pampered at a spa right after that.

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Pliers sings of ‘Sex and Religion’ – Solo set first since teaming up with Chakademus

Published: Thursday | March 19, 2009

Mel Cooke, Gleaner Writer

It has been a long time since singer Pliers did a solo album. He has, of course, done quite a few as part of Jamaica’s most successful, consistent singer/deejay duo ever, Chakademus and Pliers, including the Murder She Wrote set based on the Billboard-certified hit of the same name.

In the middle of next month, though, he plans to add to a solo output that began with Barbara, before he hooked up with Chakademus, as the 14-track Sex and Religion is slated to hit the streets.

Pliers knows that the title will spark some interest and even controversy, but points out that there are “a lot of love songs on it that talk about the stuff that lovers go through and what lovers do to be together. The religion part now, we talk about the people who just use religion to be together.”

He has already released Melonie, the first single from the album, with Rough Times hard on its heels. His brothers Richie Spice and Spanner Banner have a voice on Sex and Religion, but not Chakademus. Pliers points out that “Chakademus and Pliers is a team same way. We have this big tour in July in Europe. We reason together same way.”

Significant impact

He says, though, that “we hear talk” to the effect that without each other they would not be effective, this despite both having a significant impact before forming a team. “What we want to do is when the people call Chaka and Pliers we ready. But when they call for Pliers we can give them something nice,” Pliers said. He said that Chakademus is also doing songs on his own.

Among the other songs on Sex and Religion are Love Makes it Better and Remix.

Pliers does not fear that those who are used to him as part of a duo will not care to hear him on his own, as he has his own fans.

“Even though me is a singer and Chakademus is a deejay, Chaka still have him different fans from me,” said Pliers. “So some of my fans would love to hear me by myself and them sit down, relax and listen to me.

“The music I am making is songs that can play in your house, because even the songs that we (Chakademus and Pliers) perform together, people carry their children come full up the stage, 20 to 30 children you can hardly turn,” Pliers said.

Etana still feeling ‘Solid’

Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

Songstress Etana is still with booking agent Solid Agency despite speculation that the singer had left the camp.

Rumours have been circulating for more than a week that Etana had left the Sharon Burke-run agency because of conflicts between the two. When contacted, however, Burke said that Etana was still with Solid Agency and advised THE STAR to speak with the artiste.

Etana also confirmed that she was still with Solid Agency, but has expanded her team to include Junior ‘Heavy D’ Fraser of Supreme Promotions. However, Heavy D, at the time when contacted, did not want to make any comment to the media about his work with the singer.

Different functions

Etana said, “The rumours are not true, I’m still with Solid. What is going on is that I’ve expanded the team instead of having one person doing everything. It’s like any company; there are several departments that make up the whole and doing different functions.”

According to Etana, Heavy D is in charge of promoting her in the streets and will act as a road manager

for some events. Solid Agency, she said, would also still be dealing with some of her events as well.

Debut album

Etana has been with Solid Agency for two and a half years since her entry on the local scene as a solo artiste and released her debut album, Etana: The Strong One. Despite the rumours that things were not going well between herself and Burke, Etana said, “There are no bad vibes, no fighting. Me and Solid we’re growing, we’re continuing to grow and there’s still a lot to do as we go along. Last year, we did a lot of touring and a lot of dates, media events, awards. All that work just means that there is more work to do this year.”

Etana has been on the road and recently released the video for her conscious song Caltariba System. Her next video for her collaboration with Italian reggae singer Alborosie, called Blessing, will be out next week and is directed by Ras Kassa. Come April, Etana will also be looking to release her next video for her new single titled Free. In the meantime the singer is busy in the studio recording as well. Star

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