Carla Grows Up: Dreaming widout planning is like cooking wid no food. y’a go hungry

Carla Grows Up: New Blog Segment where I invite you to come with me as I try to get on my hustle, find my path and generally grow into the human I am meant to be. And, share wid me how yu stay and how yu feel. MT Massive a more dan ki ki ki ki skin teet’. We a fambili too.


praying for what i need today: guidance, focus, clarity of vision and knowledge of self. I often have huge dreams and many, many hopes. But many of them don’t come to fruition or don’t become all they can be. And i feel shortchanged or like i’m selling myself short somehow. And i don’t like it. I’ve been doing a little introspection and I realise my weakness is in planning. I don’t have a plan. I know (kind of) what I want to do, but more than anything I hope the universe will provide a way for it to happen. But then I also don’t even commit to wanting it so universe, spirits, God, ancestors, friends, family….all who could help me achieve it, don’t even know what to help me towards. So today i pray for guidance, more people and energies to help me, because I cannot do it alone. I pray for focus, to help me do my part to carry these plans to completion. I pray for clarity of vision so I may perceive road block or challenges and as much as I can avoid them. And i pray for knowledge of self so that I may actually ask for the things I truly want, in a real way, not the things I think i should want or the things I faddish-ly want in this moment. I pray for help from all angles, I pray for opportunities to help those around me and I pray that my path continues to reveal itself to me and I grow into myself to begin to walk it courageously and at a speed and with an intensity that befits my capabilities. one time. amen.

What do you ask for?

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Carla Moore is a Jamaican geek, mongrel dawg lover, and general mout-a-massey from the Jamaican countryside. When she nuh inna dance a faas inna people business she can be found trying to do di people dem school work, bigging up Jamaica all over, or pon smaddy stage sumweh a nuff up harself. She fight fi wah fi fight fah and love all.