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Carla Grows Up: how to beat bad mind…no, it really active fi true

today i ask for good.

i receive good.

good thoughts. good deeds. good actions directed towards me and from me into the world.

It is easy to get caught up in bad mind, but sometimes we don’t think hard enough about what bad mind is and why it works.

bad mind, bad feelings, bad thoughts, carrying belly and have up are all bout negative energy. negative thoughts about you directed into the universe, delivered in prayers to God’s ears, delivered into the world by constant repetition in the mind of another, put out there and waiting for you. like mine fields.

and that’s why bad mind works, it literally is active. actively put out there. working.

but bad mind is also about your own mind, about the minutes you spend considering the bad things someone else is thinking about you. about how your own thoughts small you up, make you doubt yourself, make you wonder if the person is really right, are you deserving of the bad mind? are you bad?

or else, the bad mind makes you defensive, makes you determined to deny, disprove. makes you want to prove the other person is wrong, launch off on a slander campaign against them in defense of your own name. makes you prickly, bitchy, miserable, touchy, makes you tough up your skin so these things don’t sink in.


while both of the above are ‘productive’ ways to deal with bad mind, in that they keep you sane and functioning, they have unintended bad sides that are just as bad as the bad mind.

self reflection is important, considering what you could improve about yourself is necessary. but self doubt is useless, and using someone else’s opinion of you to beat yourself down is foolishness.

similarly having thick skin is important if one is to make it through this world but making your self too hard can leave you lonely. also, turning your good good positive energy into back biting and word flinging will only make you feel small and petty.

so what am i suggesting?

i’m suggesting you fight bad mind on the level it originates. if a person is not, for instance, trying to get you fired or evicted or anything with tangible consequences (cus dem deh yu haffi deal wid in a more direct way) then you need to meet them in battle where the war field actually exists: the mind.

the first thing is to not spend so much time thinking about the person bad minding you that your mind actually becomes bad. acknowledge that it is out there, recognise that they want some ill for you, do the work to find out if they are actually against you or if you are fabricating haters to make yourself feel more important.

whether the bad mind is real or your own attempt to feel like Jay and Beyonce, the next step is the same.

rise above it on the strength of your own positive thoughts.

there are many ways to do this




-or plain old turning your mind away from the negative.

realise that you can control your mind and it is as simple as seeing a thought that you do not want popping up and breathing deeply while thinking something else.

write down your thoughts and fears, look one layer behind to see what’s really there

-fears the person is right

-fears the bad mind and accompanying actions may have negative repercussions for you

-fears people may believe them is they spread rumours

-fears you may need something from the person bad minding you

-fears you may be weaker than them

whatever the fears, see them for what they are, fear, and get past them. you can work around fears once you recognise them as just that: apprehension, not failure or doom or guaranteed downfall, just apprehension.

whatever you have to do, do it. recognise that this is an active process, you will have to give up the luxury of just allowing your mind to coast along of its own volition. you may even have to sacrifice your own delicious moments of bad mind since you can’t make a dirt pile smaller by throwing more dirt on it.

you must rise above it and counter the negatives that are being sent in your direction by sending positives about yourself, your job, your relationship, your career, your work as an artist. whatever it is. you must believe in it, you must say good things about it in your mind and you must trust that good things will come to you, must come to you, because you deserve them.

do not cling, allow the space for these things to function as they normally do, but buoy them with more positivity to counter the negatives that are trying to cut them down.

and do the real world work to make them true, practice, work harder, be kinder to your friends/family/partner. become a better person through the work of your better mind. thinking is not enough, there is labour that must be done, growth will follow naturally from thoughts if you allow yourself to understand that self-improvement is a useful, pleasurable and necessary part of your life’s work. when your mind begins to lead you to better, add the little physical energy and follow it.

and when you are busy with the positive thoughts of your own mind, while remaining aware of the bad mind (this is not utopia or never-never land, di bad mind still out deh) you will find that the bad mind matters less, and the negative energies around you have less ability to control your moods and experiences.

and seeit deh, yu dweet, you have successfully counteracted bad mind.

not by trying to change anybody else’s mind, but by changing your own mind.

by using your own mind to send more positive out and by freeing up space for more positivity to come in.

by considering the good about yourself and your situation and doing the work to create more good.

you put yourself in a position to receive more good.

so the bad mind could be out there all it wants, your life and mind have no space for it.

i ask for good today. i receive good and send good out.

i see the bad that has been set out for me, and i even acknowledge the motivation behind it

but i no longer create a space in my life for that feeling.

my heart will not race, i will not lose function on my tasks.

i will be loved, focused, efficient, trust and be trusted, i will be confident in all settings, i will believe in myself, my projects and the people around me.

i take only good, and from the ‘bad’ i take lessons.

my mind is good, bad mind has no place here.

suh we dweet.

happy thursday

About the author


Carla Moore is a Jamaican geek, mongrel dawg lover, and general mout-a-massey from the Jamaican countryside. When she nuh inna dance a faas inna people business she can be found trying to do di people dem school work, bigging up Jamaica all over, or pon smaddy stage sumweh a nuff up harself. She fight fi wah fi fight fah and love all.