Catching Rainwater…

catch_rainwater.jpgThe county I live in is offering a course on how to set up a system for diverting rainwater from your roof into a container or barrel. We are in year two of a serious drought and water restrictions have left many lawns and businesses in trouble, despite occasional rain. I have not rushed to adopt this “new” system of catching water. You see it is not entirely new me. When I was growing up in the parish of St. Ann in Jamaica, we had drums that stored rainwater. Later, as our lives improved, we built a large concrete tank in the backyard complete with gutters that drained into it. We even had a manual pump that we used to pump water from the large tank into a smaller tank located on the roof and this provided the house with running water. Nowadays, there is a public water supply and many people have filled in their water tanks. Perhaps you can understand why I am in no rush to go back in time and “catch rainwater.”

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