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Chivalry in this war? Hell No!

When I read about the painful family history of John McCain’s VP choice, Gov Sarah Palin, I felt so compassionate and immediately thought that these are family issues and shouldn’t be fodder for the political or media machina.
Psyche! I can’t even say that with a straight face. Are you kidding me? Palin’s character is part of the republicans equation. They have highlighted what is good and wholesome about her including her strong family values. She is against sex education in schools and for ‘abstinence’. Thus it is legitimate to attack her character and her family is an extension of that character.
This is a woman who wants to enter our bedrooms and monitor us and our children, but alas, she can’t even monitor her own 17 year old. Now she is forcing the father of her grandchild into a public shotgun wedding. According to some newspapers, he is quoted on his website as saying he doesn’t like kids.
Obama has taken the high road stating that this is a family affair and should not be exploited. Good for him, but those getting bloodied in the fields should have no such constraints. The republicans never showed such magnanimity, did they? You think that every little dirty trick by the republicans have to have a sticker, “This message is approved by Senator McCain”, for it to have his endorsement? I don’t think so.
If the roles were reversed, the republican attack dogs and their media mongrels would forever be at Obama’s throat, never letting up til the democrats blood is all lapped up. Chivalry in this war? Eff no!
But if the Palin s(h)ituation was limited to her preggy daughter it wouldn’t be too bad. The Palins family portrait makes it appear as if she is closer to the mob than Mother Theresa. She is embroiled in an ethics investigation which charges that she had the state’s public safety commissioner fired because he wouldn’t fire her ex-brother-in-law.
Her husband has had minor run-ins with the law including drunk driving and running a red light, and there are rumours (only rumours at this point, that infer that the husband was… aaah… unethically benefiting from his wife’s position).
The whole episode smacks of Jesse James meets the three stooges. As I said previously, McCain will most likely lose more than he can gain. This is an indication of his judgement, his continuously flawed judgement.
Who are the people he will pick for his cabinet? Flawed people like Mrs Palin and his economic adviser/treasury secretary Phil Gramm… he who told us just weeks ago that the economy is in great shape and Americans are just whiners?
It has been proffered that this is a trick to lure the Obama campaign into complacency, while another thought is that there is an underestimation of McCain’s VP choice. There has been some igniting of the republican base, rushing to the defense of Palin. I believe however that those gains will fade. Its one thing jumping rashly into a fray, but thinking about it over several weeks… I’m not too sure many right-wing Christians are really gonna fail to recognize the smarminess of McCain’s choice, and the hypocrisy of defending Palin’s position.
And by the way, it wasn’t the media that broke her daughter’s pregnancy or the name of the baby daddy… t’was governor herself. And for those who try to compare Obama’s parent’s flaws, one is not responsible for one’ parents or siblings, but one is responsible for one’s under 18 children.
I’m not tasteless or bitchy, but c’mon, how many chances do I get to turn the screw on big time hypocrites?
Plus, the stakes are too high not to utilize every opportunity to ensure there is no Bush 3rd term. The republican administration wasn’t above tapping your phones, judging you on the basis of books you borrowed from the public library, asking the pizza deliveryman to report on you, setting up Americans and sending them to jail for 25 years, lying, manipulation, stealing, killing, carpet bombing countries on a whim, overthrowing governments and enriching themselves and their friends at our expense. What’s a little denial of chivalry in the face of that?
The bottom-line is that Obama’s supporters better not take anything for granted. The election isn’t theirs as yet. The republicans are unscrupulous, but most of all, they fight to the bitter end.

Gays for McCain
When I saw a newspaper article about gays for McCain, it cemented my belief that there is a lot of disinformation being strewn in the media with the intention of weakening Obama supporters.
I have spoken with a relative high sample of gays, all of whom support Obama. McCain and his crony’s contempt for the homosexual lifestyle is an anathema to many of them.
So I am concluding that many of those stories about widespread support for McCain from groups who would benefit from an Obama presidency, are just disinformation. But then again, this is America.

Starting next blog, I’m gonna add a new feature which has never been done anywhere else before… I’m gonna add pictures! Huh? What you mean its been done already? Damn!
Well, I’m just going to have to show you readers another side of me. Hold your breath til then.

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