George Graham

City Politicians Should Hasten the Day of the Electric Car

I was looking at a site called and I was impressed by the progress that has been made in developing electric vehicles. Certainly, an electric car or bike is all most people need for urban transportation. But I would feel vulnerable driving one of those things in the midst of the mammoth vehicles that clog the streets of most cities today.

If I were a municipal politician, I would explore the possibility of banning gas or diesel powered vehicles from all, or parts, of my community. I realize goods must be delivered to businesses and that often calls for large vehicles, but with today’s technology those are becoming increasingly available. I can also foresee problems with providing taxi and bus services, especially to airports, and for police cruisers and fire trucks. But I am sure vehicles are being developed to address this kind of challenge.cyclecar

This is crisis time in our world. We have no time to spare. A radical change in transportation habits is required. It is not enough for governments to prod auto manufacturers and heighten public awareness to the urgent need to reduce pollution.

With high gas prices awakening drivers all over the world to the necessity for change, this would be an opportune time for all levels of government to join the crusade.

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