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The Hillary Witch Hunt



Wall Street bankers stole billions and sent the world economy spiraling into an abyss yet not one of them has gone to jail.  Indeed, as far as I know, nobody is even “investigating” them.

Hillary Clinton used her home computer for official correspondence and the FBI is trying to indict her.

What is it about Hillary Clinton that inspires such minute scrutiny?

Never before have I witnessed such relentless pursuit with so little cause. This “investigation” must rank among the longest ever.

How long has it been now? Years?

Why is the FBI not investigating Colin Powell? Or Condi Rice? As secretaries of state before Hillary, they also used their home computers for official emails.

Everything Hillary does seems to provoke vindictive overreaction.

Throughout history, American embassies have been attacked all over the world without anyone suggesting foul play by the secretary of state at the time. The embassy in Benghazi is attacked on Hillary Clinton’s watch and she is subjected to half a dozen or more “investigations.”

She is hauled before Congress over and over, smeared and badgered, subjected to any number of absurd insinuations. Even called a murderer.

The Hillary haters have squandered millions of taxpayer dollars in their endless “investigations.”  I don’t think any other American has ever been subjected to such persecution.

You have to ask yourself why this one US citizen is targeted like no other.

I think it’s fear. There are entrenched interests who feel threatened. They know that if she can, she will put an end to their villainy because she cares about the everyday Americans who are being victimized.

Throughout her entire life, Hillary has fought for the downtrodden and the abused – especially women and children.

And the predators are enraged. They will not have Hillary shielding their prey. They will use every pretext they can dig up – however baseless – to destroy her.

And the lazy media will abet them in their witch hunts because – as unfounded as they are – they provide sensational “news.”

But I am confident that most of the American electorate has caught on by now. I am sure millions of other voters know – as you and I do – that the charges against Hillary are trumped up, the mud slinging is pure fiction and her accusers are part of an organized smear campaign.

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