George Graham

Comey Should Just Shut up


The fuss over Comey’s book is getting on my nerves. I already knew Trump is a jerk. Now, I am beginning to think Comey is a jerk.

He has been interviewed and discussed ad nauseam on TV, and now CNN is having a town hall for him. We the people are supposed to ask him questions.

I don’t know about you, but I have nothing to ask Comey. He answered all my questions long ago and even questions I wouldn’t have asked.

If there’s anyone left who wonders what went on between Trump and Comey, that person must live under a rock in the Gobi desert.

Surely, the Mueller investigation will tell us whether Trump is guilty of obstructing justice? What light is Comey shedding on the issue?

We already heard all about his chats with Trump and we know why Trump fired him. Trump told us.

I think Trump was trying to obstruct justice but if that’s the worst Mueller discovers about our president, I will be stunned.

My own suspicions are much darker than that. I am convinced we have a gangster in the White House. Trump has a troubling history of money laundering and other links to Mafia figures.

If Comey had kept quiet, his credibility as a witness in the Mueller probr would have been greatly enhanced. Instead he opted for the quick bucks and cheap fame.

And that’s a shame.

It’s also a shame that the media is enabling his grandstanding.¬† I think I’ll turn off the news channels and watch sports until the Comey feeding frenzy is over.

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