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Congratulations to Jamaica College and Holmwood Technical – ISSA Boys’ and Girls’ Championships 2011 Winners

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Well done JC! Superb job Holmwood!

To all the other schools, keep the fire blazing. It is evident that the future of track and field in our country is in  great hands (schools, coaches, athletes, parents). What we wish however, is that the athletes  are given the resources needed to continue developing their skills and possibly launch professionally. Too often we hear of these great athletes during Champs, and then…

Where do they go afterwards? Do they simply lose interest in the sport? We doubt it. Going forward, maybe through ISSA or some other sporting organization, we hope that a special committee is established to track the growth and development of these athletes, assisting them not only with tangible items, but also with the development of  their emotional intelligence and soft skills.

That said, how do we keep them in the country at the tertiary level when overseas institutions and scouts are eager to snatch them up? What can we offer here in Jamaica that will convince them to stay and develop their craft locally?

The individual tertiary institutions and their sports programmes aside, we hereby request, that in  the same way football and cricket academies are established globally, that a track and field academy be established, specifically to nurture the talent of these Champs athletes. A central place where track and field athletes are”farmed” and prepared for international competitions or careers as  professional athletes.

Kudos to ISSA, event sponsors, the police, schools, patrons, parents, teachers, coaches and by no means least, the athletes for putting on a spectacular show. See you again in 2012.

Less late registrations, athletes not  being registered and general silly administration mishaps please. The culprits know who they are. We will be watching out for you next year.


Contributed by: StudyInJamaica Team


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