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“Conservadems” Are Traitors and Should be Sent Packing


A few blogs ago, I wondered out loud whether conservatives had infiltrated the Democratic Party because they could not get their unpopular agenda implemented as Republicans. I am even more convinced of that since learning of a group of senators who describe themselves as “Conservadems” (which is an obvious oxymoron).

According to the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call, some fifteen to twenty Democrats in the U.S. Senate are forming a bloc to resist President Obama’s plans to revive the economy and set American society on a saner path. The group is being organized by Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, who was once touted as a possible running mate for Obama.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show picked up the story and ran a slide labeled “Conservadems,” with Bayh, Virginia Senator Mark Warner, and several others.

Watch a video of the segment here:

(Be patient; it might take a few minutes to load the video.)

I spotted a slide of Florida’s Bill Nelson, which made me mad. I have repeatedly voted for that guy and I would hate to think he turned out to be an undercover conservative. If he really is a Conservadem, he can be sure he will never get my vote again! Turncoat Joe Lieberman was among the scurvy crew, of course. But this time I think Obama shares the blame; it was he who lobbied to let Joe back in the Democratic caucus after the fink campaigned for John McCain.

I don’t think this could happen in the United Kingdom, Canada or Jamaica. In those democracies, the party that wins an election is expected to implement its platform, and politicians belonging to that party are expected to vote along party lines. If the party in power is defeated on a major piece of legislation, it is required to disband Parliament and call a new election.

It’s time for the Democratic Party to purge these boll weevils from our ranks. The Democratic National Committee should refuse to help with funds or any other kind of support in their campaigns, and all true Democrats should get out and work for their primary opponents.

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