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Ladies It’s Time to Take Off Your Cape

When was the last time you took a vacation day, went for a spa treatment, or truly took time out to nurture your entire self, mind, body and spirit? If you had to think about it, it’s past time for you to take off your superwoman cape and do something for you!

Between my full time job, travel and a million other side projects, things can get a bit hectic to say the least, but I always manage to squeeze in a little (or a lot of) me time.

Earlier this year, I found myself in Jamaica for the Core Connection Lifestyle Yoga and Wellness Retreat organized by Takeyah Young of Core Connection Lifestyle.

The event was held at the Bromley Retreat Center Built on the foundations of a 16th centure Spanish fort with breathtaking views of St. Ann and the Diablo Mountains, this was the perfect location for the retreat. Our gracious hosts, Alex and Jonah opened up their home and hearts and really showed us a great time.  We were started our mornings with a delicious vegan breakfast. I was a bit skeptical about the all vegan menu, but I never left the table hungry. Alex and her team really hooked it up, from cassava pancakes to vegan chocolate and everything in between. Who knew meatless could be so good!

Cassava pancakes at the Bromley Retreat Center, St.Ann, Jamaica

Cassava pancakes at the Bromley Retreat Center, St.Ann, Jamaica

We started with yoga bright and early in the morning in the outdoor yoga sutdio of the Bromley Center. Yoga continued throughout the retreat even on a private beach in Ocho Rios. Nothing too hard core and intense, but a perfect way to start the day calm, relaxed, at peace and in a spirit of gratitude. There was even a hike and swim in the White River.

Yoga on the Beach

Jamaican artist and creator of the Redemption Song Monument in Emancipation Park (Kingston), Laura Facey, welcomed us to her home with fresh lemonade and Jamaican ginger cake. Her home, a work of art in itself, featured pieces of her amazing artwork among other personal and family belongings. We listened intensely as she shared the creative process and motivation behind some of her greatest works. What stood out the most was assertion of the power of just showing up. Rain or shine, creative juices or flowing or not, Laura shows up in her studio Monday – Friday for 8 hours a day to create. It may not come immediately or like she initially envisioned, but eventually something great is birthed. Truly inspirational!

Jamaican artist Laura Facey, creator of Redemption Song monument

Jamaican artist Laura Facey, creator of Redemption Song monument

In between the food, fun and relaxation were powerful workshops delivered by Takeyah and Akilah Richards of Execumama.com on how to better live  fulfilling, well rounded and balanced lives. And though I missed some due my early departure, I got a lot from the discussions, interactions and one-on-one coaching.  Most importantly, I met a group of phenomenal women who opened up and shared a bit of themselves as we all worked on overcoming fears and roadblocks to become better versions of ourselves. Thank you ladies for that!

Yoga at the Bromley Retreat Center

Yoga at the Bromley Retreat Center

Next year Takeyah will be returning back to beautiful Jamaica  for the 2012 Core Connection Yoga and Wellness Retreat and I hope to be back and see you there. Who’s going to join me?

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Solo female world traveler and Jamaica-holic balancing a corporate marketing gig with an insane case of wanderlust.

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