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Curing America’s Sickness



If this election has done nothing else, it has exposed America’s deep-rooted sickness. And perhaps in the long run, that will turn out to be a blessing. If the status quo had been maintained, the sickness might have festered beneath the surface and grown even more morbid – perhaps even fatal.

Now that Trump has won and the “deplorables” are celebrating their victory with racist and religious assaults across the country, nobody can deny that this is a very sick nation.

And recognizing the sickness is the first step to curing it.

The cure will be elusive of course. How do you fix a sickness of the soul?

President Obama, ever hopeful. thought there was “no blue America, no red America, just the United States of America.” I am sure he knows better now. Hillary insisted we would be “stronger together.” But when Americans get together, they don’t seek compromise, they fight.

It seems to me that our side has to win in order to implement any useful reforms. A tie just won’t do the trick.

Our side has lost this round. Irrefutably.

If we truly are the good guys, then the bad guys are in charge.

And if we are right, then the bad guys will make such a mess of things that the nation will see them for what they are and throw them out.

That has to happen for real reform to be possible. And when it does, I hope we won’t be duped by notions of compromise and “working together.” When it happens, it must be our way or the highway.

You don’t cure a sickness with half a dose of medicine.

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