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Dear Sir, You Might be One of Mitt’s Moochers

They write letters to the editor of the local newspaper, complaining about Obama’s presidency, about the way America has turned away from God, about the undeserving poor who depend on government assistance to survive. By their account, the writers are hard working Americans who pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps, who never asked for a handout, who … I’m sure you know the rest of the rant.

Of course they’re going to vote for Mitt Romney!

Those God fearing Americans would never vote for Obama. They’ve been informed that he’s a Kenyan-born, Socialist baby killer who believes in “redistribution” (and whatever redistribution is, it is definitely unAmerican).

They know Mr. Romney is a real American, after all. He knows what makes this country great. And it certainly isn’t socialist programs!

The irony is deafening.

Many of the local letter writers are old and retired. Their main source of sustenance is Social Security. They depend on Medicare to keep them alive and well. Some of the younger letter writers might be living on disability checks. Some might have a mother or father in a nursing home, paid for by Medicaid.

If all else fails, I doubt they would hesitate to apply for food stamps.

 I’m sure they feel they would only be getting what they deserve because they’re hard working Americans who, etc…

As for those others, well, they’re just moochers. You know who they are, dope peddlers and welfare queens having one baby after another to collect child support, and selling their food stamps on the black market to put gas in their Cadillacs.

Those are the people Mr. Romney was talking about when he castigated the 47 percent of Americans who pay no federal income taxes. He certainly wasn’t talking about the letter writers or their kin!

Or was he?

 Let’s see.

Analyze that group of leeches and you will find a lot of retired folks living (tax free) on Social Security – some of the very people who write those letters. Then there are the low-wage earners, people like those troops the letter writers always praise.  And, of course, the veterans sidelined by wounds received while serving their counry – they’re among the leeches looking for a government handout.

How many of those letter writers, I wonder, have sons or daughters in the military? Or brothers and sisters? How many are veterans – disabled even – themselves?

The disparaged “47 percent” also includes millions of folks who keep the country going. They get up at dawn to work as a hotel maid, or empty bed pans at the local hospital, or sweat behind tthe grill at some fast food joint, or drive an auto parts delivery truck, or…

And what about college students? They pay no income taxes, the lazy louts. They spend their time studying so they might possibly discover a cure for cancer some day. Or diabetes. Or invent a successor to the iPhone. I would consider them a better investment than buying Walmart stock. I would commend any government for betting its money on the nation’s kids.

But to Mitt Romney, they’re leeches.

How many of those letter writers, I wonder, have sons or daughters – or grandchildren – going to college, working in low-wage lobs , or botn, and paying no income taxes? Or brothers and sisters? Nieces and nephews? Friends and neighbors?

It might be a good idea for the letter writers to check before joining the Republican rant against government aid. They could well find themselves or their loved ones among the mooches that Mitt condemns.

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