George Graham

Debt Ceiling Freeze is Like a Terrorist Attack

While the nation is busy patting itself on the back over Osama bin Laden’s execution, another group of baddies is preparing an assault on America that could do almost as much harm as an attack by terrorists.

I’m talking about the Tea Party and their Republican accomplices in Congress.

This gang of subversives in patriot’s clothing is getting set to freeze the national debt ceiling if they don’t get their way.

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The freeze could be triggered as early as Friday.

If Congress freezes the limit on the amount America can borrow, state and local governments will have to act like deadbeats, unable to honor their bonds, and even the feds will be obliged to welch on their debts.

It would be a mess.

And if the Tea Party baddies get their way, America will become unrecognizable over the next decade.

The social safety net would be shredded to provide more hand-outs to the rich.

The sick, the old and the unemployed would be begging in the streets as programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, unemployment insurance and food stamps go on the chopping block.

Who will chant “USA! USA!” when the country they love is held for ransom?

Who will storm the Tea Party fortress and foil their dastardly plan?

No one – unless the American people mobilize to defend their nation.

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