George Graham

Defend the Defenseless

I do not believe that America has an obligation to police the world but there are times when the atrocities being committed are too much for any decent human being to tolerate. This is such a time.

The United States must help the Nigerians rescue their abducted girls.

And nothing should be “off the table.”

If young Americans must risk their lives this time, I believe it would be justified.

Obviously, the Nigerian government has failed the abducted girls. The United Nations has failed them, too.

It’s up to individual countries like America, Britain and France to say, “Enough!”

Countries that accept the rule of law must send a message to┬árenegades and outlaws everywhere that there are limits to the civilized world’s patience, that there are actions beyond the pale, actions that result in dire consequences for the perpetrators.

Civilized people cannot be idle while hundreds of young girls are abducted by the Boko Haram and sold as sex objects. The victims must be rescued and returned to their families.

And civilized governments should do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Indeed, it is past time for a worldwide war on sex slavery. Global societies have been too tolerant of this pernicious blight for too long.

The world cannot be considered civilized as long as children are unprotected – anywhere.

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