George Graham

“Democracy” is on the Brink of Failing America

In a misinformed, disinformed, divided nation, “democracy” seems pitiably inadequate. Folks around here – almost all of them – blame President Obama for the economy’s troubles and they give him no credit for his foreign policy successes. And the national polls reflect the injustice being done to the president’s record.

Much of the blame for this craziness belongs to loudmouth liars like Rush Limbaugh and the propagandists at Fox News. I don’t know why people watch Fox News. Perhaps it’s because the cable station broadcasts news on the weekends when MSNBC’s staff go off to the Hamptons for some luxurious R & R. Or it might have to do with the influence of the churches: Nearly all of them preach anti-abortion politics in what I consider to be a violation of their tax-free status.

I think I know why Rush Limbaugh is so influential. His toxic trash is available for nothing – or next to nothing – to a swarm of little radio stations. Who would refuse free programming when commercials are so hard to come by?

And now you don’t even have to turn on the radio. Limbaugh’s chatter is available – free of course – on your computer and even your cell phone.

Some of the blame for the nation’s disninformation belongs to CNN, which is no longer even a shadow of the news organization that Ted Turner built. Corporate-owned and cowed by aggressive right-wingers, CNN panders to the Republicans and their army of paid public relations professionals, even going so far as to co-sponsor a presidential debate with the Tea Party.

The networks, newspapers and the rest of the media fail voters more by sins of omission than sins of commission. They’re all about fluff and dross, chasing the almighty dollar with no regard for their obligation to keep the public informed.

Because of this failure to communicate, the president gets a bum rap.

It seems so obvious to me that Republicans in Congress have dug in their heels to block his attempts to improve America’s economy. And it’s the height of unfairness for him to get the blame. But somehow the Republicans are winning the public relations game.

According to the polls, President Obama is in danger of losing his job. And to whom?

Mitt Romney? Herman Cain? Rick Perry?

Or even more laughable, Rick Santorum? Ron Paul? Michele Bachmann?

This would be such an outrageous miscarriage of justice and such an insult to common sense that my mind boggles at the possibility.

Think about it.

Think about an America with President Romney at the rudder. Think about a Herman Cain or Rick Perry presidency. And then let’s go get our papers and move to Canada.

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