George Graham

Listening to the Angels


Democrats have an opportunity to boldly go where no political party in America has gone before – the right way.

No American political party has had the guts to stand for what is right against what is wrong – cost it what it may.

Democrats have done a better job than Republicans of course.  A far, far better job. But to a greater or lesser extent, both major parties have pandered to special interests at the “people’s” expense.

When the late Ted Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama, he explained it  was because Obama “listens to his better angels.” But some elected Democrats still listened to their big-money donors. And some lived in fear of losing the next election. And they sometimes hampered Obama’s best efforts.

Now, progressives are showing some muscle, despite opposition from “moderates,” who advocate compromise.

There can be no compromise between right and wrong.

  • It’s wrong to deny people health care.
  • It’s wrong to let children go hungry.
  • It’s wrong to neglect the old and infirm.
  • It’s wrong to let lenders charge usurious interest rates.
  • It’s wrong to deny kids a good education.
  • It’s wrong to trash the environment.
  • It’s wrong to shut out immigrants because of their ethnicity.
  • It’s wrong to put people in prison – and even shoot them – because of their color.
  • It’s wrong to let mass murderers get their hands on military-grade weapons.

I’m sure you can think of other practices in American society that are just plain wrong.

It’s time for all Democrats to stand up for what’s right. Even if some donors don’t like it. Even if some constituents don’t like it. Even if some family members and friends don’t like it.

Politicians are supposed to lead, not pander.  And good leaders listen to their better angels.

The progressive insurgency

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