Deodorant Thief gets 3 Years in Jail | Taxing the Rum | $40 Million Manatt Enquiry

Episode 025In the land of Jamaica, stealing millions is called embezzlement and gets you a 6-month sentence, but stealing a roll-on, that’s three years in the toughest prison on the island! Corporate Jamaica will say they don’t like the things you sing or DJ, then turn around and spend millions on you anyway. And a football coach will complain he has no strikers, while everyone on his team is striking.

Only in the land of Jamaica, can you have numerous enquiries that have provided no results, but still spend $40 million on a new enquiry anyway, an information minister complaining and threatening to sue over….uhhh…information, and taxes on liquor right before Christmas – thanks to a grinch called ______ (fill in the blanks).

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