Blackmandarin Jamaican in China

design matters

one of the first things i noticed here in china, is how much they put in design.  i must say that i’m more than impressed by the measure they go to make presentation an important part of their products.  Traditionally the guidelines on packaging in China are always “for the convenience of the users” and “pleasing to the eyes”. i think american marketers could learn from this.




better still, the package does not seem to affect the price too much.  were we to buy such packages in florida, we would pay through the teeth for something as tasteful and unique.

and great presentation isn’t limited to expensive stuff.  even the simplest of products are handled with a flourish, as if they were presenting diamonds to royalty.

the pack of cards here only cost 5 yuan or a whopping and mind-boggling 80 cents. so the question is, ‘why is the same pack of cards, sans packaging, so expensive in the states?’.  hmm.



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louis davis

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