George Graham

Devils at Work Among Us?


Could HHS Secretary Alex Azar be a devil in human form? Is he perhaps Beelzebub and Donald Trump Lucifer?

I know, you might not  believe in devils. You might dismiss such mystical concepts as fanciful nonsense. But do you have a more plausible explanation for what’s being done to thousands of helpless children?

Imagine yourself a child. Imagine being forcibly taken from your mother or father, manhandled by adults who speak a strange tongue, confined in a chicken-wire cage, awakened in the predawn darkness and ferried to some far-off destination without  knowing where you’re going or what’s to become of you.

Would the jabbering creatures who are doing these things to you not seem like devils?

And isn’t this kind of torment a violation of the worldwide ban on torture?

Isn’t it also torture to confine young children in tent cities in the middle of the desert where temperatures soar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit?

I look out my den window, here in Central Florida, and nothing seems amiss. The lake is not boiling, the sky is not black.  And I wonder how everything scan seem so normal when such horrors are being committed.

And I wonder, what could the motive be? Why the cloak-and-dagger secrecy?

Could my government be stealing immigrant children for a pedophile ring?

Wait! Don’t call the men with the butterfly nets. I’m not crazy. Not yet. Stranger things have happened in this dark world of ours.

Or is this just another scheme to enrich Trump’s allies? After all, private contractors are making millions from housing and transporting those immigrant children.

Or is the Trump gang demonstrating the depths of cruelty and depravity of which they are capable?

Are they trying to frighten us? Is this state terrorism?

Whatever they’re up to, we the people are having none of it. Americans across the land are rising up to confront the evildoers.

This has become a battle between Good and Evil.

And I sit here, a helpless old man, powerless to confront the forces of evil. All I can do is pray.

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