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Diana in BaliGreetings! I’ve decided to share pictures of my jaunt to Bali. This island paradise is located in the Pacific Southwest. I was only a 90 mins flight from Australia. That’s how far I went. It took 23 hours of flying time and four planes to get there. Believe me when I tell you that all the jet lag melted away when we finally got the capital of Denpasar.

The Balinese people are very friendly with strong family ties. My guide told me that every Balinese is raised with three tenets.

1. Take care of nature.

2. Take care of each other.

3. Take care of God.

This isn’t necessarily in that order, but I saw it everywhere. It was in their smiles, the hands clasped in front of their chests and the low bows they saluted me and with as well as each other. It was in the streets that were swept clean daily. It was in the massive stone carving along the streets that were decorated with flowers. I felt at ease everywhere I went on the island. From the beaches of Kuta to the mountains in Ubud, I felt at peace.

One annoyance that I must share was the persistence of the sellers in certain areas. On a particular visit to the Spice Gardens I was bombarded by people selling lollipops, crochet pieces and carvings. I graciously said no, smiled and kept moving to the car. I don’t how it happened, but suddenly I was swept like a tidal wave about ten feet from the car. Diana from Kingston made an appearance. I shouted, “Oonu coulda push dem tings yah inna mi face likkle more mi nah buy nutten!” There was silence. As I looked at their stunned faces I barreled through and made my escape.

This was indeed a trip of a lifetime. Since my return I’ve been missing Bali and the feeling that I had when I was there. Have you ever visited a place that left such a mark on your heart?

I enjoyed it so much I plan on returning next year. I need a first class ticket though. Currently taking applications for sugar daddies.

Early morning in Ubud Art and Craft Market
Early morning in Ubud Art and Craft Market

Batik village- she is painting a scene onto handwoven silk. Amazing work!
Painting Scene on Handwoven Silk

Flowers in a bowl

These boys happily posed
Bali Boys

Buddha hiding
Buddha Hiding

A shrine by the river
A shrine by the river

River at bottom of jungle
River in Jungle

Sacred Monkey Temple
Sacred Monkey Temple

Monkey in his Temple
Monkey King in his Temple

Religious offerings of flowers and candy
Religious offerings of flowers and candy

Balinese dancers performing Hindu folklore
Balinese Dancers

I just received at blessing from the priest
(Mi need all de blessings mi can get!)
Diana Blessed by Priest

Diana Enjoying her Bali Buddy
(Afta she go get blessing people!!!!)
Bali Buddy

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