George Graham

Did I Just See What I Think I Saw?

Did I just witness the most sweeping rejection of morality in my lifetime?

Did I just see the most powerful democracy on earth turn its back on common decency and the common good?

Did a convincing majority of American voters say they’re mad as hell at the good guys and would rather open the national treasury to thieves and liars?

Do they know what they’re in for?

Do they know what this means for the environment?

Do they know how minorities and the poor will be punished?

Do they know what havoc unscrupulous robber barons, religious charlatans and bigoted bullies will wreak in the next two years?

No – and they don’t care.

They just hate President Obama so much that they’re prepared to pay any price to let him know how they feel.

But why?

What has he done?

He hasn’t done anything that radical. In fact, he seems to me to be a rather conservative president. But he does try to make life a little easier for the poor and downtrodden. He does try to protect the American consumer from the worst depredations of unscrupulous hucksters. He does seem to lead with an even hand, trying to protect the interests of various groups, including minorities, the old and the sick.

Is that why they hate him so?

Or is it just because he is black and dares to be president?

I find that hard to believe. But…

When a confessed looter like Rick Scott is elected governor of Florida…

When an openly corrupt sleazebag like John Boehner is to become Speaker of the House…

When crackpots like Rand Paul are joining the Senate…

You have to wonder what made American voters so self-destructively reckless.

I know they’re mad as Hell, and the way Washington operates I can understand why. But why blame Obama?

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