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DIY Photo Booth Idea For Your Jamaica Wedding

Ok we so love this idea for weddings in Jamaica and if you are planning a wedding on a budget. The DIY Wedding Photo Booth. You knew???? I am absolutley dying to get more creative with this idea when planning for any destination wedding in Jamaica we have coming up at Helen G Events. Why pay alot of money for a wedding photo booth when you can create your own and have a friend or a photographer take the pictures? Also its so easy to have a photoprinter onsite now for instant pics.


Picture above is from photoboothsprop.net

You can buy your own backdrop online or create your own backdrop by using various materials such as fabric or foam and add whatever motif or decor you want to the fabric or foam and hang it in the area that you need. So simple. For the foam you can ask you local printers to create the backdrop you want and they will install the holes in the foam and provide the hooks to hang it. Simple.

Next thing to worry about is the props. So simple. Just buy or if you have a few items such as old party costumes, beads, hats, furs etc and you are ready to go.

There are a number of ways to take this basic idea in any direction you want to. Share some of your ideas with us.

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