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DJ Kool Herc “Father of Hip Hop” – Jamaican Born

Hip Hops’s famous DJ Kool Herc is Jamaican-born Clive Campbell who teased the audience at Coalition for the Preservation of Reggae Music’s (CPR) www.cprreggae.org forum entitled, “Impact of Reggae on Urban Music in USA” earlier tonight in Manhattan. The forum was ably hosted by Sharon Gordon and Carlyle McKetty.

Joining me at this forum is a new writer to the Jamaicans.com website, Kali.

DJ Kool Herc was joined in harmony by DJ Hard Hittin Harry and Producer, Jon Fx. Although the central theme of the evening was “The Impact of Reggae on Urban Music in the USA”, the reoccuring question was “who is following who?” Is the urban music scene in the US
holding heavy influence over the youth of Jamaica when it comes to music and style or vise versa? Jon FX shared his sentiment that Jamaican youths are following hip hop influence hrough music, style and swag and Harry added that the youth is very impressionable and susceptible to the visuals seen on BET, MTV and the internet. You can’t discuss reggae influence on urban music (hip hop) without including the legendary DJ Kool Herc, also known as the “Father of Hip Hop.” Herc who migrated to the US from Jamaica in the 70’s created the first hip hop sound using influence from the dancehalls of Jamaica and the heavy baselines of the sound systems. He stated all he wanted to hear from his fellow Jamaicans was “It’s not a reggae set, but it play good.” After the discussions there was an entertainment showcase with performers, Major Daps, Dub poet, Infinity and artist Kentext the God of Quam. Also, called upon for an impromptu appearance was Ed Robinson of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” fame.

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