Do you believe non “academic” people are dumb?

In a recent Jamaicans.com forum discussion the memory of a classmate I had in Jamaica.  One person accused a group of people  of not  being smart mainly bases on academics . I realized why I don’t like the term “mediocre” or “dumb” because it tends to label people based on our expectations. This classmate was called dunce. His nickname was “Duncebat” and because he did not excel in the “traditional academic school work”. Today he is an acclaimed artist with many accolades.

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  • I am surprised that there are no comments . Can it be that there are some who do not agree that racism is at the root and cause of a lot of violence and rhetoric from the ‘Tea party’? The young people of America and the immigrants better stand up and be counted and not fall prey to the lies of the republicans that the ‘Free’ press and TV seem bent on supporting. Billy G.

  • I agree that racism is part of the Tea Party view. Because they are pawns in the game and are sanctioned by the GOP, we can say that racism still smolders among the Huckabees and Palins and Bushes and the rest of those who want to starve social programs and reward the wealthy and privileged. Still, I don’t thing the overall picture is so grim. I lived in the South most of my life, and have seen things improve there over the decades. There will always be blind fools who cling to old beliefs, yet they seem to be fewer than in MLK’s time. I think Dr. King would hear more good progress reports than bad. He might be more concerned about the North than the South. More importantly, I think he would smile and feel proud of the fact that the people chose Barrack Obama to lead them.