Do You know the Meaty Mango from Jamaica?

One of the things I really miss about Jamaica is the mango. Yes I can get mangoes here in Florida. In fact I have an East Indian mango tree that “beared” last year. But it is not the same like Jamaica mangos and the Jamaican mango season. I was reminded of that fact talking to a Jamaican neighbor.

He went back through “mango memory lane” describing the mangos of Jamaica. We talked about the typical managoes including the hairy, blackie, number 11, julie, east indian, hayden, bombay and red robin. He also teased me that Kingstonians don’t know mangoes. He explained that there where 3 types of black mango (I knew 2). One with soft skin, one with medium skin and one with hard skin. I only new the soft and heard skin.  Then he moved on to a mango called “Meaty”. I had never heard the name before but when he described it I remembered it. I just never knew it had a name. It is a really big mango that is almost the size a medium papaya. It was rare to see it in Kingston but I remember seeing it in the country. I miss Jamaica mango season…

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