Do you remember ole time Jamaica…rhatid?

Yuh memba Jamaica wayyy fram wayyyy back yonder? Yuh did alive doa? Awrite, jus stay yasso, and pretty soon, wih gweng go chat to some ole time Jamaicans. Hello dem is both young and old an’ mek dem tell dem story. Mih chat to wan Mass Glen dih odder day and oi what a ting wen dem used to use war lamp fih light dem way a wayy back when.
Jamaica Public Service yes JPS brite… dem put up all kind a sinting bout dem fih Jamaica 50 and not one piece a information fih teach poor Jamaica pickininis bout dih history, the jurney if yuh will on how we come from midnite darkness a good 50 years ago to today – solar lite chat.
Mi memba wen wih catch peenie wally and put in a bottle fih light at nite to rahtid cup.
Ai sah, if mih do get dih chance, mih get some a dat information fih yuh. Write now thou mih will bring yuh mih lil chat wid Mas Glen an ‘im war lamp.
Meantime, if yuh have memories, post dem yah so or link mih, mek mih post it in an ideal place.
All ’round.
Tek cyah, walk good!

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I am loving Jamaica and Jamaicans everywhere. I stand committed to exposing the dynamics of the Arts and Culture of Jamaica. If we could just bring the best of the world to Jamaica as much as the world clamours for the best of Jamaica, then we'd have an ideal mecca right here on the island. So travel with me across Jamaica for more hidden culture gems!!

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