Do you think hacking Facebook for your data is a new industry?

It seems every week there is a new breach at Facebook. The information there is valuable to spammers and those looking to commit fraud with your ID. They have 500 million users in one place so hackers can focus their efforts on one website.  Do you think hacking into Facebook will become a new industry?

Facebook Bug Could Give Spammers Names, Photos
Source: PC World/Yahoo

Facebook is scrambling to fix a bug in its website that could be misused by spammers to harvest user names and photographs.

It turns out that if someone enters the e-mail address of a Facebook user along with the wrong password, Facebook returns a special “Please re-enter your password” page, which includes the Facebook photo and full name of the person associated with the address.

The feature helps people understand if they’ve mistyped their e-mail address at login, but it could be misused by spammers to get information on Facebook’s 500 million users.

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