Don is Don, Donovan a Donovan | Thugs Play with Each Other’s Pistols | Wining & Fining in Trinidad

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Leonisa Panties

Ep 031Go to JAIL, go directly to JAIL – do NOT pass GO, do not collect $200, go directly to JAIL! Well that’s what’s gonna happen if you try to smuggle drugs into (of all places) Jail!! Seriously?? Can anyone say “shoe-in for dumbest criminal of the year award”?

And while for years, Jamaican thugs have tried to prove that they are Dons not Donovans, as well as bad men not “men”, this week we found “Pepsi” trying to prove that he is just Donovan and three bad “men” caught in the act. If you don’t get it, ah cyaan help yu! Check out the podcast.

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